Between Us

August 25, 2018
Between Us is a group show featuring illustrations by Chris Cerrato and Taylor Lahey. Each artist explores aspects of identity, freedom, and transformation through their own lens.

Show Highlights


Artist Statement
“We are more connected now than ever before, yet many of us feel alienated from each other and often from ourselves. Technology has made some of us richer but not necessarily more free. The internet can teach us everything there is to know. However, knowledge doesn’t ensure wisdom and so we can’t seem to save ourselves from ourselves.

Are we trapped by our own success? Are we distracted from things that matter? As our devices evolve, are we devolving to become less human? Are we better off?

“Between Us” explores the frustration, the loneliness, and the imbalance many of us experience living in our modern technological world.”

— Chris Cerrato
Artist Statement
“Between Us is a romantic story about self-actualization through exploring opposing energies and Taiwanese-Chinese American motifs and aesthetic.

These dichotomous energies include

masculinity : femininity
belongingness : individualism
transformation : retention
western culture : eastern culture

Like yin and yang, these contrary concepts are interconnected and present within my biracial identity.

The show’s aesthetic and motifs pertain to my mother’s attempts to preserve her culture through our home’s chinaware, interior decoration, and daily rituals. I spent my upbringing actively resisting Taiwanese culture and heritage but grew to be extremely attracted, curious, and proud of it in early adulthood. I awakened to understand that my immigrant background and values are what give me my edge and distinctive character.”

— Taylor Lahey
About the Artists
Chris Cerrato is a freelance illustrator and designer based in San Francisco. You can view more of us work at and follow his journey on Instagram at @cerratosaurus.

Taylor Lahey draws and thinks about existentialism, his biracial Taiwanese American identity, and human connection. You can find his select works on and his most recent doodles and digital illustrations on Instagram at @taylay2. As a creative new to the art scene, he is open to new opportunities to show works and collaborate creatively.